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B- driving licence course in English have been canceled until further notice


The course runs individually, and includes: teaching materials (book, acces to the driving test on the computer), first aid course and 30 hours of practice (clock hours). We used a standard HYUNDAI I20 or TOYOTA YARIS car with a manual transmission. Driving lessons are arranged for the students according to their needs (from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm).


There is a few steps to sign up for a course:

1.You must assumed candidate profile number on the driver (PKK), which is needed to start driving course. If you want to get the candidate profile number on the driver you have to collect appropriate documents:
• medical certificate of no impediment to drive,
• a permanent residency card or another document confirming the right to stay within Polish territory or a
certification from university/school of being a student for at least 6 months,
• a certificate confirming registration for residency for temporary stay of at least 185 days.
• Have a valid passport,
• Certificate of registration of EU citizens (for EU citizens),
• 1x current photograph (special for the driving license).
The basis of these documents is assumed candidate profile on the driver.
2.The set of documents must be submitted in person at the appropriate address for your check-issuing authority license in the Department of Motor Vehicles.
3. After getting the candidate profile on the driver you have to prepare on your own for the State Exame from the theority part of the cours.
4. When you pass the State Exame you have to come to our office with your candidate profile on the driver and you can start your driving lessons.

We also invite you to our office, our staff will provide detailed information on training, help in completing the documents, will choose the most suitable for your course, and after the presentation of the offer and your acceptance – will help save up for classes!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our instructor, who takes care of English-speaking candidates for drivers:

Mr Robert
e-mail: szkola.cross@gmail.com